Buried Alive

Take the time, just to listen
When the voices screaming are much too loud
Take a look in the distance
Try and see it all

Chances are that ya might find
That we share a common discomfort now
I fell I'm walking a fine line
Tell me only if it's real

Still I'm on my way
(On and on it goes)
Vacant hope to take

HEY! I can't live in here!
For another day
Darkness has kept the light concealed
Grim as ever!

HOLD! On to faith as I dig another grave
Meanwhile the mice endure the wheel
Real as ever!
And it seems I've been buriend alive!

I walked the fields through the fireTaking steps until I found solid ground
Followed dreams reaching higher
Couldn't survive the fall

Much has changed since the last time
And I fell a little less certain now
You know I jumped at the first sign

Memories seem to fade
Wash my view away

And I'm chained like a slave
Trapped in the dark
Siammed all the locks
Death calls my name
Take you down now
Burn it all out
Throw you all around
Get you're fuckin'

Whats it fell like?
Took the wrong route
Watch it fall apart
Now you're knockin'

For you to pay the toll
A price for you alone
The only deal you'll find
I'll gladly take your soul

While it seems sick
Sober up quick
Psycho lunatic
crushing you with

Shame to find out
When it's too late
But you're all the same
Trapped inside

Evil thoughts can hide
I'll help release the mind
I'll peel away the skin
Release the dark within
This is now your life!
Strike you from the light!
Die buried alive!

Die buried ALIVE!

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